Over the past 60+ years I have enjoyed a very experientially rich life and career.  Growing up in western Massachusetts, I began college there and was forced to change colleges suddenly when a major fire burnt 80% of the school’s classroom space, resulting in the college’s temporary closure and a transfer to another school in Upstate New York, where I have lived practically ever since.  I served in the Army Security Agency for three years, and spent a year in North Africa in the midst of a guerrilla war during the Vietnam Conflict.  For most of the years following the service I held customer-facing engineering and management positions supporting (1200) of Digital Equipment’s customers in eastern New York, and went on to assume the role of Regional Government Manager there, leaving as an employee in 1990.  A few years later I would find my way back at DEC as a consultant manager on a major global outsourcing engagement, and would also do government consulting before ending-up as the head of DEC and Compaq’s global Y2K Consulting Center.  In this role I and my people traveled all over the world assisting major corporations with their Y2K issues before I settled back as the North American Bus. Dev. Mgr. for Outsourced Services for Compaq’s global services group.  In 2003, I joined Time Warner Cable as their first Regional Government Manager, a position I held until 2008, when I retired.

In addition to hundreds of commercial companies, I’ve had numerous dealings with every New York State agency, every county, many of the federal agencies,  and the entire political spectrum, responsible for not only general management responsibilities but also the legal and contract issues that went along with those businesses.  Understanding and empathizing with them to make customers successful has been key to mutual business success.

Since retiring I have spent considerable time understanding the issues and detail of public education through the structure of my own school district and extensive peripheral research and have engaged and advocated heavily on behalf of the interests of kids, parents, and other members of the community.